Lee and Miller

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Calamity’s Child
Includes: “Sweet Waters,” and “A Night at the Opera”
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The Cat’s Job
Includes: “Ginger and the Bully of Lowergate Court,” “The Big Ice,” “The Cat’s Job,” “King of the Cats,” “Tenth Life,” and “Hexapuma and the Cat Farm”
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Double Vision
Includes: Ginger and the Bully of Lowergate Court, Sharon Lee; The Cat’s Job, Steve Miller; A Matter of Ceremony, Sharon Lee; Coffee Cat, Sharon Lee; The Big Ice, Sharon Lee; Rain Day, Steve Miller; Master of The Winds, Sharon Lee; The Pretender, Sharon Lee; The Silver Pathway, Sharon Lee; The Year They Brought The Bears to Belfast, Sharon Lee; The Naming of Kinzel, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Kinzel The Innocent, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Kinzel The Arbiter, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; And Hawks for Heralds, Steve Miller; Charioteer, Steve Miller; Stormshelter, Sharon Lee; The Solution, Steve Miller; The Girl, the Cat, and Deviant, Sharon Lee; The Afterimage, Sharon Lee; Master Walk, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Choices, Steve Miller; Cards, Sharon Lee; The Handsome Prince, Sharon Lee; Stolen Laughter, Sharon Lee; The Winter Consort, Sharon Lee; The Inventoried, Steve Miller; Gonna Boogie With Granny Time, Sharon Lee; Passionato, Sharon Lee; Candlelight, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
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Master Walk
Contains the novelette “Master Walk”
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The Naming of Kinzel
Includes: “Kinzel the Foolish,” “Kinzel the Innocent,” and “Kinzel the Arbiter”
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Quiet Magic
Includes: “And Hawks for Heralds,” “Master of the Winds,” and “Candlelight”
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Reflections on Tinsori Light
Includes short story, “The Space at Tinsori Light,” the outline for the story, and an explanatory foreword by Sharon Lee.  By popular demand.
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The Tomorrow Log
A space opera novel detailing the adventures of master thief Gem ser’Edreth
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