All volumes listed are available from your local bookstore — ask them to order if the books aren’t in stock.  If you don’t have a local bookstore, Lee and Miller recommend Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore.  Uncle Hugo’s does mail order worldwide.  Also available from Barnes and Noble and from Amazon.  A source for collectors is White Unicorn Books.


Liaden Universe® Novels (space opera)

Omnibus editions:
These four volumes include the entire Liaden Universe® backlist: 10 books for the price of four — such a deal.

The Dragon Variation, Baen, June 2010 (includes three full-length novels: Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Conflict of Honors)

The Agent Gambit, Baen, January 2011 (includes two full-length novels: Agent of Change, Carpe Diem)

Korval’s Game, Baen, May 2011 (includes two full length novels: Plan B, I Dare)

The Crystal Variation, Baen, September 2011 (includes three full length novels: Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade)


Liaden novels featuring Theo Waitley:

Fledgling, Baen, September 2009
Saltation, Baen, April 2010
Ghost Ship, Baen, August 2011
Dragon Ship, Baen, September 2012


Other Liaden novels:

Mouse & Dragon (sequel to Scout’s Progress), Baen, June 2010
Necessity’s Child, Baen, February 2013
Trade Secret (sequel to Balance of Trade), Baen, November 2013

Dragon in Exile, Baen, June 2015

Alliance of Equals, Baen, July 2016

The Gathering Edge, Baen, May 2017

Neogenesis, Baen, January 2018

Accepting the Lance, Baen, December 2019

Trader’s Leap, Baen, December 2020


The Fey Duology (dark fantasy)

Duainfey, Baen, September 2008
Longeye, Baen, April 2009


Other Space Opera

The Tomorrow Log, Meisha Merlin, February 2003
Sword of Orion,  Phobos Books, October 2005


Sharon Lee’s Maine Novels

Barnburner, SRM Publisher, 2002.
Gunshy, SRM Publisher, 2006.

Carousel Tides, Baen, October 2010
Carousel Sun, Baen, February 2014
Carousel Seas, Baen, January 2015