Pinbeam Books is the ongoing project to bring work by eBook pioneers Sharon Lee and Steve Miller to readers as easily as possible. We’re not selling you anything directly at this site — just letting you know where to find the work that’s out there, in a format you might want to read, by links.

Our first ebooks were published in the late 1980s by our own BPlan Virtuals imprint, and since then we’ve enjoyed tremendous support from fans and readers. That support, for both our traditionally published paper books as well as our own paper chapbooks and ebooks meant we’ve been able to keep writing. And so we continue to write, with millions of words already to our credit. That’s a lot of books and a lot of stories!

In an effort to make our catalog a little less overwhelming, we’ve split them into several pages.

The largest by far is Adventures in the Liaden Universe┬« — seventeen chapbooks containing 32 short stories!

Much smaller is the Sharon Lee and Steve Miller collaborations that have not taken place in the Liaden Universe®.

Then there are a couple offerings from Steve alone, and a couple more, from Sharon, writing solo.

Our electronic work is now available from Smashwords as well as the Kindle Store and from the Nook store. You can follow our “catalog page” here for links, or Search on “sharon lee and steve miller.”

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