Pinbeam Books is the latest electronic publishing project by ebook pioneers and authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Welcome, and enjoy!

Lee and Miller have long supported the electronic reading revolution. starting with their own BPLAN Virtuals efforts in the late 1980s, into the early century with Embiid, then to online serializations with Fledgling and Saltation in 2007 and 2008, and now to the wider electronic universe with their own Pinbeam Books as well as the Baen Books electronic line,

Together, Lee and Miller have co-written eighteen science fiction and fantasy novels, most set in the Liaden Universe® — a space opera geography of their own devising.

In addition, Miller and Lee have written dozens of short stories together since 1995 and published them in hard copy as chapbooks — saddle-stitched pamphlets of up to 70 pages, typically including two mid-length, or one novella length story.

This is where Pinbeam Books comes in. For years, readers have been asking the authors to make those chapbook titles available in electronic format. They are now doing just that.

Lee and Miller’s novels are available as ebooks directly from Baen Webscriptions, and Baen is also publishing paper editions. During 2010 and 2011 Baen Books has or will be issuing the entire Liaden Universe® backlist in a series of omnibus editions. The next new Liaden novel is Ghost Ship, to be published in August 2011. In addition, Lee and Miller have three more books under contract to Baen — Dragon Ship, Trade Secret, and a novel to be named later.

Again, welcome, and enjoy! Don’t forget to share this site with your ebook-loving friends!

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July 15, 2011

“Intelligent Design” a Liaden Universe® short story by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is now available to be read for free on the Baen Books front page.  The story will be on the front page until August 15, at which point a new story will be posted, and “Intelligent Design” will be retired to the Baen Free Library.

And!  On sale today is the eBook edition of Lee and Miller’s Ghost Ship.

Happy eReading!