New books in the catalog

We’ve added three new eChapbooks to the catalog:  Moon’s Honor:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 20Technical Details:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 21; and Surfside: Tales of the Fantastic Maine Coast.

Moon’s Honor includes the novelette Moon’s Honor, which was previously published on Splinter Universe, and an original authors’ foreward, “On Casting your Fate to the Moon.”  |Kindle| |Nook|

Technical Details includes two stories previously published on the Baen website, “Landed Alien,” and Eleutherios.”  |Kindle| |Nook|

Surfside includes two stories set in-or-near Archers Beach, Maine: “Emancipated Child,” and “How Nathan Archer Came to be a Prince of the Land of the Flowers.”  Both stories were previously published on Splinter Universe. |Kindle| |Nook|

Advertant readers will notice that, right now, these books are available from Amazon and from BN.  Smashwords editions are in process; and links will be added to the catalog as the books are available.


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